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Ensuring software remains free - 01/07/21

After a lot of reflection from the team and board members at Cob:web-Aclevo, we have discussed and come to an agreement that we should make the switch from MIT Licenses to the GNU General Public License 3.0 (also referred to as: GPL or GPL3). The reason for this is that we feel that the MIT license is too permissive. It would allow for anyone to incorporate our projects and code within proprietary software. The switch to GPL3 will ensure that we are able to ensure that free software remains free.

The goal of Cob:web-Aclevo is to campaign for total software libre as well as create accessible FOSS projects that people love, use and enjoy. The switch to the GNU General Public License will ensure that we can continue to provide free software projects, as well as ensure that any changes, forks or redistributions, will have to continue to remain completely free and open source, as well as licensed under the GPL.