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Cob:web Development-Aclevo brand merger agreement - 26/06/21

This following agreement will lay upon the foundations of merging the brands of Cob:web Development and Aclevo in a fair manner. As part of the Cob:web-Aclevo agreement, Cob:web Development and Aclevo agree to merge brands upon the following conditions:

Both parties will receive, under condition that the brands will not separate:

Cob:web Development will receive:

Aclevo will receive:

In the result of a separation:

Upon the signing of this agreement, both whyAdamSalt#9054 and Reasonably Selenium#3815 agree to merge Cob:web Development and Aclevo into “The Cob:web-Aclevo Group”, “Cob:web-Aclevo Group” and “Cob:web-Aclevo” as the official brand names. The two brands will officially merge upon the signing of this agreement.

Signed by: